TokoWhatsApp Template by a wide margin the best eCommerce theme that is out there for blogspot don't you concur? It is extraordinarily intended to make it simple for merchants and purchasers to put orders through WhatsApp.

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TokoWhatsApp Template Elements

The center element of this template is to make it simpler for products purchasers to send request, for example, Product size, shading, data, Payment and Delivery Details, Store Address, Payment/Shipping and Contact Buttons (Phone, WhatsApp, E-mail) Not simply a simple booking strategy! WhatsApp Store layout is furnished with cool highlights that can be used, why you should use WhatsApp Store? Look at the highlights.

Toko WhatsApp highlights

Toko WhatsApp is a clean and minimalist free blogger template with very little complexity. So if you love an design but simple look, then Gordan would suit you the best. Beautiful social buttons and sidebar embedded search bar acts like ice on the cake for this template. Auto read more, Two-column layout, and irresistible to click post excerpts design makes this template a must-try.

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  • Responsive Web-Design
  • Direct Marketplace Alternation Order
  • Share Product Share Button
  • Price Discount Mark as Discount and Percent Discount
  • Sold-out Settings Mark as Sold - Sold Out
  • 3 Benefits of Shopping Footer
  • Logo & Description + Social Media Buttons
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly Meta Tag & Google Test
  • Lazy Load - Fast Loading
  • Live Layout Edit
  • Product Category + Number
  • Static Notification Button
  • Dynamic Menu Support Single Drop-down
  • Social Media Optimization Page Title & Footer
  • Product Sorting Newest, Cheapest & Most Expensive
  • Product Navigation
  • Gallery & Product Description

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