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In this article, I will share a simple CSS code that has quite recently become a great Recommendation. The CSS Containment Specification characterizes a solitary property, contain, and it can assist you with disclosing to the program what parts of your design are free and won't require recalculating if some other piece of the format changes.

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While this property exists for adjustment enhancement reasons, it can likewise influence the format of your page. Accordingly, in this article, I'll clarify the various sorts of control you can profit by, yet in addition the things you need to keep an eye out for if applying to contain the components in your site.

Why blogger images height and width is stretched?

Browser extensions have frequently encouraged to add measurements to your pictures for best adjustment to allow the page to be spread out with the suitable space for the picture, before the actual picture. This stays away from a design move as the Chrome has as of late began estimating in the new Cumulative Layout Shift metric. 

Indeed, not all notable external web adjustment works properly. This really didn't have an effect in a ton of cases, as we'll see underneath. Adding custom width and height to your <img> markup have gotten valuable again after some new changes in the CSS world, and the snappy selection of these progressions by the most internet browsers.

How to solve blogger images height and width problem

Before I was dealing with an issue of height and width of pictures in a template, which was not shown properly in height and width on blogger. Since blogger not give us any approach to resizing pictures. I was unable to fix my picture, at that point I attempted to fix it from CSS code lastly. I got it, and fix it by the adding custom CSS code.

How to apply solution

  1. Go do blogger dashborad
  2. Click on Theme
  3. Click on CUSTOMIZE button
    How to Fix Image height and Width in Blogger template. Solved!
  4. Click on Advanced
  5. Select Add CSS Section
  6. Paste the below code in the CSS Box
    How to Fix Image height and Width in Blogger template. Solved!

Copy below code and paste it in CSS of your Blogger.

.post-body img {height: auto !important;}
.widget iframe, .widget img {max-width: 100%;}
img {border: none;position: relative;}  code-box

This CSS will fix all sorts of height/width problems from your blogger site. It will fix picture stature and width without resizing it physically or transferring it once more. What I am sharing it's exceptionally simple to use.

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Always make a backup of your template before making any changes to it. alert-info

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